After “The Storm”???

Well there was a big east coast storm yesterday.  However we were lucky this time, we received about 10 flakes mid-morning as the storm went off shore.  I feel for the folks in the Atlantic coastal region from Maryland up to Coastal NY.  I have a friend who lives right in the bull’s-eye of the storm.  I hope he and his wife are OK.  Looks like we could get a storm on Wednesday of this week.  That’s fine with me, as we are taking some trees down on the 15 and some additional snow on the ground would help minimize the lawn damage!   Also give us a storm now before we are trying to get to the airport to fly to Singapore.  Today an old friend and his wife are coming up for Bruch.  It will be good to see them,  Way too much time has passed since we spent any quality time together.  So we are trying to play catch-up. 

Beth and I have are both recovering from bad colds, but we glad we got them before we left on our epic trip.  So the colds have slowed down my closet project.  I’m now ready to wire the light and get ready for my favorite time  –  dry-wall!  Probably won’t start drywall till we return from vacation.   Today is also Beth Birthday.  I wont tell how old she is.  Happy Birthday BETH!!!.   For her birthday I’m taking her to Southeast Asia!  🙂    TA for now!


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