Sunday Before Travel

Well it’s Sunday morning, a few days before we leave on our big trip. Kevin the Younger and Beth are still in bed enjoying their dreams. I guess Kevin the Younger could sleep all day. I know when I was teenager I could sleep forever and relished the ability to sleep till noon on a weekend. However that’s not to be today as we need to go down and check on Autumn Dream and make sure her cover is still intact and all the lines holding her cover in place are tight. We have had some weather here this past week. From what I read and heard – down at the boat we received about 6 inches of heavy wet snow and high winds. Up to about 40 to 50 knots. So as a precaution since we’ll be away for a while we will check to boat today and visit with my Mom and Dad. Yesterday Beth had to go to the Endodontist as she had a tooth that was bothering her, and decided that she would rather have it addressed here in the states than take her chances in say Vietnam if the pain got worst. I don’t blame her. Well after the visit she does not know the cause of the pain. So they started her on a course of antibiotics and she will have to go back on Tuesday for a follow-up. On the positive side it may be just a bite alignment issue, or she may need a root canal. We’ll see!
As far as the trip goes we started to pack. I’m almost completely packed Beth is half way. Good thing about starting now is that we have a few days to tweak what we are taking. In this day and age we have a new twist on packing. It’s called electronics. As you know because your reading this blog we have to take two digital cameras, a cell phone, a net-book computer, our I-pods and noise reducing headphones, and all the chargers and cables. This may be more daunting than the necessary clothes. Packing for this trip is less of a challenge than many since it will be warm for most of the locations. Compared to our last South America trip where we were going to experience highs of 90 in Rio to the low of the teens at Cape Horn. The only cooler location may be Hong Kong. When I checked the weather there yesterday it was in the low 60F. In Singapore high 90’s Thailand mid-80’s and Vietnam was about the same. So lightweight clothing is the driver for this trip. Also Beth and I only take on one mid-sized bad each and a carry on for our electronics. The ship is a casual ship, so we don’t need much dressy clothing. Biggest challenge is what to wear for the trip out and back. We have a few days to figure that out. Well TA for now. Check back later on this week as we report form the road!


One response to “Sunday Before Travel

  1. Kevin pictures tell the story it seems like one hell of a boat as big as the north side of my house. Happy trip. You do have a good life. and Beth. I am proud of you. Love Dad

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