Long Day, Part 1

Our day started bright and early at 3:30am. Sean was scheduled to pick us up at four, and in his usual way, he was in the driveway by 3:50am.
Our flight left Logan on time and we actually had a pleasant flight crew. The flight was uneventful (that’s a good thing). We arrived almost 30 minutes ahead of schedule in Phoenix, with a warning that there would be no gates available, and that we would need to wait on the jet way a while. While waiting, we were told there was a “security breach” at the airport and that no one was allowed in or out. After about 10 minutes, we started heading to a gate.
We found out later that this was shortly after a small plane was stolen and flown into a building in Texas, so we wonder if they were connected somehow….
We met Merabeth (a fellow cruiser) in Phoenix and had a very quick flight to LAX.
Had a pleasant lunch while waiting for the Singapore Airlines counter to open so we could check in and get our boarding passes.
So, here we are in the Star Alliance business class lounge. 5 hours until we board our plane, and then 18 in the air until we arrive in Singapore. Hopefully, the rest of the trip will be just as smooth as it has been so far.


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