Long Day, Part 2

Here we are, sitting in Starbucks in Singapore. It is Saturday morning at 7:45am. We lost Friday somewhere over the Pacific ocean.

Singapore airlines is fabulous. I highly recommend it to anyone. The flight was smooth, the cabin attendants were friendly and pretty (and the men were also not bad looking). Food was very good too! The lie flat seats allowed us to get plenty of sleep. I think we managed about 10-11 hours. It was not uninterrupted, but it was sleep.

Right now we are awake. We’ll see how we feel in a few hours. We’ll wander around Singapore for a few hours with Merabeth and Anne, and then call our cab driver to pick us up and take us to the ship.

For Walter (dad): I wanted you to know that we flew over ZAMBOANGA. I couldn’t get your silly song out of my head!

That’s it for now. We’ll post more soon.

Beth at Starbucks in Singapore

Also find some photos of where we visited in Singapore, below. From Marina Bay to Chinatown.


2 responses to “Long Day, Part 2

  1. Can you sing a verse from the silly song….

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