HK Day Two and Three

So after checking into the Peninsula Saturday morning we made our way to the same subway station but this time we were going to HK proper. Two subway stops to Central station and a quick walk to the Peak Tram station, so we could go to the Peak of HK better known as Victoria Peak. The weather which has been very good up till now started to go down hill. The building at the Peak was fogged in, but we decided to go anyway. Since it was Saturday there were very large crowds of tourist and locals going to the Peak via the tram. So we had a wait to board the tram. After about 30 minutes we were on the tram and on our way. Well the summit was in and out of the clouds. No matter it was a great view. Cool and on and off rain where we were but sunny down by the harbor. Very pretty. Beth was the photographer today. I was getting lazy carrying around my SLR. Well by the time we got to the peak it was lunch time. Since we were tourist we decided to play tourist and have lunch in a tourist restaurant called Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant. Actually not bad and reasonably priced for HK.. The view was great, we got a seat by the window and had a relaxing lunch. Also ran into some friend from the ship. After lunch we visited the mall next door and then walked around the peak till we found a nice isolated place to stand and watch the world go by and the view from Victoria peak. We spent a few hours up here as it was actually very nice and relaxing. Eventually we heard the hotel calling our name and we took the tram down and subway back to the hotel. All very efficient and fun. Once we were back at the hotel we decided to go to the pool on the 7th floor. What a beautiful pool and one of the best views of HK. Very relaxing and pampering. The pool staff was at your beck and call. We did not call them but they brought us iced towels after our swim and water to drink as we sat by the pool and enjoyed the view. Eventuality hunger struck again. SO we went back to the room cleaned up and went to the concierge desk for dinner suggestions. I needed some comfort food, so they took my request for Pizza seriously and told us to go La Taverna, a short pleasant walk from the hotel. It turns out that this place is the oldest Italian restaurant in HK (actually Kowloon). This place was so cool. It looked like it was in NYC. A few steps down below grade and filled with NYC Italian restaurant charm. Chianti bottles everywhere and the smells of a wood fired pizza oven. We ordered two small pizzas and a beer and wine. Excellent service and great pizza. Prices was good also for a major city. Nice evening meal and enjoyable interesting walk back to the hotel. Nice end to a great day.
Day three (Sunday) dawned gray and yucky. We had breakfast at the hotel in the main lobby restaurant, where everyone comes to have high tea in the afternoon. Good Breakfast. After Breakfast we went for a walk up Nathan road – toward the Jade market. Did not find the jade market but did find a open street food market with stunning veggies and stinky fish. As were were walking through the market it started to rain. I felt like I was in the Movie Blade Runner. Gray and neon everywhere. Well the rain drove us back to the hotel. We spent a few hours reading the local paper then decided to go for another walk to a major mall near-by. Well what a mall is all I can say. Must cover a mile and a half on 3 or 4 levels. I don’t know how all the stores can make any money, all selling variation on the same theme. Shoes, Shoes and dresses, dresses and shoes…. you know what I mean. Lunch was had a the mall, than back to the hotel to relax. Dinner this evening was at the Felix Restaurant on the 28 floor of the hotel. Very modern and stunning views of HK and of the nightly HK light show. Great way to end the trip. Tomorrow we are heading back home with 18 hours of flying.


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