Final Trip Entry

Yes I know you have ll been waiting for the last trip entry. Well wait no longer. We woke up at around 7:30 local time on Monday to begin our very long trip home. Very long but not as long a the trip out!!! We covered a total of 2648 miles by ship on our journey from Singapore to Hong Kong. So since HK is closer to the USA than Singapore is, our flights from Asia to SFO (San Fransisco) was only about 11 hours long verses the 18 hours we flew from LAX to Singapore. But I’m getting ahead of myself. After finishing packing we went down to the lobby dining room and had our last breakfast in Asia. Once that was done back to the room to close the cases and head out. We were back in the lobby by 9:45 and checked out. Since we have arranged a transfer to the airport as part of our hotel stay we were met at the hotel’s front door by our driver, with a classic green Roles Royce. The Peninsula is a class act! So we were whisked from the hotel to the Chek Lap Kok Airport also known as HK International Airport (HKIA). At the airport we were met by a team member of the Peninsula Hotel company who took our bags from the car and and escorted us to the airline check-in counter. He loaded the bags onto the checking area and waited for us to finish checking in. Once we were checked in he verified all our documentation was correct and filled out our country exit paperwork for us, then the three of us we off to airport security. He left us at the security gates and wished a a safe trip home. HKIA is a very efficient airport and also very big. Actually the biggest one on the planet. Once through security we had quite a hike to get to the gate, but you take a train to get there. The flight was scheduled at 12:30 PM. Fortunately everything went like clockwork, we once again joined up with Marybeth and Ann how we on out flight to SFO. The flight was OK except in typical United Airlines fashion, the lav went out of service 45 minutes after we took off, and they did not have the meal I requested. This is not Singapore airlines…….. Fortunately we arrived in SFO on time and made our connection to Boston. On the Boston flight we were in First class, sounds good but typical United Fashion the entertainment system was out of order and the seating area was filthy with crumbs and yuck. I don’t understand why United refuses to clean their airplanes. This is no the first time we have been in a very dirty first class flight. Fortunately other than the dirt we made it home on time and safely. Bonus the snow was gone and we could get into our house! All and All an unbelievable trip!!! Glad to be home even if I was jet-lagged for a week!


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