Asia Trip Final Thoughts

With 2 weeks passed since we arrived home, we are starting to assimilate all of the sights, sounds, flavors, and experiences from this trip.
In short- it was fabulous. If we hadn’t done it, we would absolutely book it and do it, perhaps with a few minor changes to some of our excursions. When we are asked what our favorite experience was, it is difficult to come up with a single thing. We truly enjoyed almost every aspect of our vacation. We met some really wonderful people whom we hope to see again, too. When I (Beth) look at some of the photos, I have a hard time believing that we actually were on this trip.
We still haven’t finished reviewing all 2000 +/- photos yet, to pare them down to a reasonable amount that everyone can enjoy. Once we do this and they are posted, we’ll put a link to the photos on the blog.

Azamara is a fine cruise line. The service was excellent (with a few minor issues in the main dining room). The food was very good. The captain (Carl Smith) was friendly and informative, and lots of fun. The ship is of a design we do not care for: no true promenade deck, and limited public spaces where you could actually look outside and enjoy the view. We do like the smaller ship for the access it provides to the smaller ports. The ship design is the reason we probably would not cruise with them again. If they add a ship of different design, we would definitely consider them in the future.

We don’t feel the urge to repeat the trip any time soon. We know that we haven’t seen everything there is to see, or tasted all the food there was to taste. But we feel like we are ready to do something else for our next “big trip”. No idea what that will be yet (everyone keeps asking what we are going to do next!) There are lots of places to visit in the USA, plus now we are getting ready for boating season, and a new series of adventures.

Check back soon for links to photos, and updates on the boat and house projects.


2 responses to “Asia Trip Final Thoughts

  1. Well I did read it all. I got a vicarious thrill reading about your adventures. I hope you did not eat dog ! I was not sure who Audrey was. Welcome home.

  2. Audrey was one of the many wonderful folks who were part of our “cruise critic” group on this trip. She and her husband were booked on another Junk but were with us for the cab ride over & lunch before joining the other ship when we went to the little island for cave touring and kayaking.

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