Been a While

Yes it has been a while since I’ve updated the blog. Fortunately or not things are very busy right now. I’m slowly making progress on the closet project. I’ve managed to install a light and finally almost completed the drywall. Only the ceiling to complete then I can move on to taping and mud. At this rate I should be done by December of 2010. Fortunately we don’t need the space quickly. One reason for the slowness of the project is the vessel Autumn Dream. She has been taking at least one day of each weekend getting her ready for her May 21 launch date. On this past Saturday I found a minor but important issue. That is one of the thru hull fitting was loose and need replacement. Good thing I found it as this could result in a rather nasty leak in the bottom of the boat. Once again not a big deal but a pain. This was the last thru hull I had to check. Fortunately the rest of them are OK. So next weekend we’ll paint the bottom and replace this thru hull and finish installing a pump.
For those of you who were following our trip to SE Asia, I’ve had an interesting thing happen. During the trip we went to the Tiger Temple. As part of that trip you may remember we visited the location of the bridge over the River Kwai. This WWII location was a site of massive suffering for POW’s from England and Australia and a few Americans. Well this site was interesting to visit but I personally did not know any real stories (except the movie and some news stories) or much less think I would know anyone who was related to someone who actually survived the experience of the horrors of the “death railway”. Well a friend of mine from England contacted me after reading this blog and told me about his fathers experiences as a POW there. WOW – when I heard this I was blown away. So stay tuned to this blog as I’ll soon be posting some addition information about my friend Mick’s father time in this area.


2 responses to “Been a While

  1. Hello mick, how very interesting to read your information. My late grandfather albert bosworth was with the suffolks (5th) he also was a survivor of 4 years as a pow, im in the early stages of my research. The suffolk regiment itself has let me know as much as they can. He was captured in singapore then was at a camp in nong pladuc then after that they dont know. But they gave me an adress for a records office in glasgow where I may be able to recieve more info. Best of luck in the rest of your research, kind regards lynne davis.

    • Hi Lynne: Mick is not the author of this blog, however I will forward your note to him. He shared his Father’s story with us after we visited the Kanacharaburi region of Thailand and the ‘new’ bridge.

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