Never Know What You’ll Find!

OK time for a summary of the new bath project. Today July 4 2010 USA interdependence day we are free from the bathroom project. The slide show is latter on in the post. But first you need to see what the bath looked like under the wall paper argh!

OK now that your done puking.
Whenever we start digging in this house we find something!!! Sometime good sometime bad or sometimes just gross. This was just gross. The ugly stuff on the wall is leftover plastic tile mastic. Dried up glue!!! Looks worst than it is, however it was a lot of work to remove but it came off with a heat gun. Unfortunately when the previous owners decided to strip off the 1950’s plastic tile they did it by brute force and did quite a bit of damage to the plaster walls. They did not care as they just covered it with wall paper! So we had quite a bit of fun patching the walls before we could paint them. However after a lot of elbow work by both Beth and I you can see the final product below in the slide show. We did all the work except the counter top. That was our splurge! Very trendy. What do you think??

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So in summary we stripped the but ugly wall paper, removed the water closet (toilet), removed the old counter top and sink. Stripped the residual mastic off the wall with a heat gun, plastered the wall, primed the walls, painted the walls, painted the vanity, reinforced the the vanity to take the weight of the new granite top. Had the new top installed, installed the new WC, replaced the toilet paper, and towel holders, installed the new sink and faucet. Done – new “Home and Garden” worthy bath!!! So next weekend we can go play with the boat!


One response to “Never Know What You’ll Find!

  1. Anne Cunningham

    Howdy from Az. Enjoyed the remodel of your bath & closet. Looks like Kevin does fine work with TLC. Love the vessel sink. Am planning to do some minor spiffing up early next year. I think the powder room & guest bath upstairs would look good with a new granite counter to & vessel sink. Of course, the big job will be the total repainting inside. Wedding plans are good. I’ll be Anne Brister soon. Love, Anne

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