Summer Weekend

Well another summer weekend is coming to an end. We were fortunate enough to spend some limited time on Autumn Dream, before the rain started. Of course rain was not forecast till late in the day Sunday but it woke us up at 6:00 with a light shower. Well we cannot complain about getting some rain. We have had a very dry summer. The town of Ashland has a water ban. Sadly its more because the town fathers have not planned very well versed a lack of rain. We started this summer with an over abundance of water. It has not really rained since May and we still have a surplus of rainfall of about 2 inches. Ashland management with their head up their ass have never bother to get around to dealing with a growing population and not adding to the water supply. Also we just keep building new houses. Even in the current economic conditions we have 6 brand new $500,000.00 houses build down the street from us and god only know how many more condos were erected this year. Hmm the elephant in the room no one want to speak about. Over population!!! To many people having to many babies! As a result we continue to need more houses and emit more Carbon!!! As a result we have hotter summers and don’t have enough water! We are so short of water even peoples gardens cannot be watered and there dying!!!!! What’s wrong with this picture????
However enough P&M from me. Let get on with this weekend boating.
Since the forecast was for some rain we had to scale back our plans a bit. We were initially going to cruise to Fogland and spend the night anchored there. But with a degraded forecast we decided to just take a 2 hour river cruise and spend the night on the mooring . It was however a very pleasant cruise and a quiet night on the mooring! Morning brought some lite rain and we managed to get the boat put away and rowed in without getting too wet. Next weekend Beth is on call so we probably will not go to the boat. So please enjoy this slide show with Capitan Beth at the helm!

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One response to “Summer Weekend

  1. Beth you are a natural !!! Looking very comfortable!!!

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