Close Call and a New Adventure……..

Well this weekend is the non-official end of summer here in the northeast corner of the United States and to set things off with a bang we were under a hurricane warning for last Friday night. So we went down to Autumn Dream on Thursday evening to try and secure her for the coming storm. Hurricanes are always a risky business here on the New England coast as you never know what will happen. Back in 1991 we had hurricane Bob come right up Narraganset Bay and reek havoc. I had a smaller boat called Ursa Major. She was an O’Day 30 sail boat. Great little boat During this storm we tied he up tight an prayed that she would survive. She did but a friend of mine’s boat “Wizard”, not 30 miles away was washed 6 miles up river into the Westport River salt marsh and had to be helicoptered out of the marsh. Fortunately the damage was minimal. For Ursa she would have had no damage except for the moron who was on the next mooring and decided that the mooring was not good enough to hold his ugly boat. Well the wind shifted (as it does in a hurricane) and now because moron did not put out enough anchor line his ugly boat was banging against the stern of Ursa. This ugly boat was ugly by any sense of the word and if his boat was damaged you would not even know. This “boat” was made by a motor home company called Winnebago and it’s a good thing they only made a few of these and decided to stay on the motor-home business. Fortunately he only damaged her stern boarding ladder. Could have been much worst. So much for seamanship!!!!
For this storm named Earl he turned more towards the north east and managed to only inflect some minor damage on the island of Nantucket. Where our boat is way up the Taunton River we only received heavy rains over Friday night and no wind. Actually when we went back to the boat on Saturday morning the wind was blowing stronger than it ever did overnight Friday with the storm offshore. However no-one at the boat yard was taking any chances as a slight shift in direction could have sent the storm right up the river and hammered us. Many boats were pulled and others like us were tighten down with extra lines and chafing gear and all hatches battened down. Turned out to be over kill but I’d do the same next time. So we missed a hit with hurricane Earl. Good news!!!! Since it was a long weekend for us as its Labor Day holiday we spent Saturday on the boat doing some small projects and relaxing. On Sunday Beth and I went and joined my Brother Allen and his wife Pauline for their ritual Sunday Breakfast at a great little place in Somerset, about 5 miles from the boat. Then Beth and I set off on a 3 hour tour up river to stretch Autumn Dream’s legs. As usual she performed flawlessly. Started right up and never missed a beat in the three hours of running her. Going down river to the bay is a peaceful relaxing run. When we got to the Brightman Street Bridge the wind was blowing about 30 knots and wave highs were at least two to three and breaking. No big deal for Autumn Dream, but we were only going for a short run so we decided to turn around and run back up river and back under the bridge. Once back in Dighton we prepared to leave and go visit my parents. Nice relaxing weekend!
So what’s the next big vacation we’re planning????? Many have asked, and up until this past week we did not have an answer for you. But after reviewing many many options we checked to see what some cruising friends were doing next and decided to tag along. We’re going to take our next cruise in January of 2012 and head to New Zealand. Very cool cruise. Auckland to Sydney — 12 days exploring the north and south island of New Zealand, then crossing the exciting Tasman Sea to Melbourne and ending the cruise in Sydney Australia, down under. Long way off but gives us time to save for the trip and plan all our shore excursions. Anyone else want to go?? Visit Celebrity Cruise Lines web site for details, or send us an email.
Ta for now!


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