Autumn is Closing in

Well this weekend we had a good taste of Autumn (the season not the boat). Very cool on the boat last night. However at least it not going to snow yet. I read that northern Scotland could have snow this week! Well we had a very nice weekend on Autumn Dream. We ran her from Dighton MA to Fogland RI Saturday afternoon. When we got to Fogland the wind was blowing 10 to 15 knots from the wrong direction for a quiet night on the anchor. The wind was from the NE and shifting more easterly. This placed us on a lee shore if the anchor were to drag during the night. With the wind from the E-NE we turned around and headed to the Kickamuit river for the night. This added another 1.5 hours to the trip. However even thought is was cool out on the water we were nice and warm in our pilothouse. While underway we saw several folks sailing and looking cold in their open cockpits. I remember what that’s like, that’s why I bought a pilothouse boat!! 🙂 While heading back up the the river to go our overnight anchorage we passed a small cruise ship heading out to sea. New England in the fall is over-run with cruise ships for the autumn viewing. Still to early to see the leaves change but that’s coming. Beth and I have been discussing when to have Autumn Dream hauled for the season and are thinking we’ll have her pulled earlier this year than we might typically pull her, since we are heading out for a week of vacation. Anyway we

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

‘ll leave you with a slideshow of photos of this weekend on Autumn Dream. This way you can vicariously cruise with us this weekend.


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