Sedona AZ and Autumn Dream

Well Autumn has arrived here in New England. Had our first frost last night. No big deal, not a hard frost but a frost is was. Also Autumn Dream was hauled on Friday and is now on the hard. So knowing that she was on dry land Saturday I went down and power washed her deck and house. Cormorant shit is like concrete and even with the power washer the stuff does not was to come off the boat. Managed to get is reasonably clean. Also washed the anchor chain and rode. All in all she looks good. Check out the slide show below for a few photos of her on he hard in her winter location.

Also as I said in my previous blog I’ll be posting some photos of AZ. I’ve included a few of the Flagstaff area on old route 66, the mother road. Not much of the actual road but of old hotel signs that are about the only historical stuff left on route 66 in Flagstaff. We did a walking tour of 66 in Flagstaff but all you see are these sign and verbiage in the walking tour that says this use to be here an that use to be here, but it’s all gone today except for the signs. This was a little disappointing as Route 66 is the mother road. Much US history was made on this road. If you really want to see what 66 use to be like you need to drive some remaining segments. Beth and I did just that a few years ago when we got of the 40 in Kingman AZ and drove about 80 miles of the old deserted road through some unbelievable scenery and Indian reservations. However 66 does not exist in Flagstaff any more. However there is still the meteor crater about 80 miles east of Flagstaff and the AZ snow bowl 16 miles north of Flagstaff, where on a clear day you can see the Grand Canyon. Take a look at the slide show and see if you can see the Grand Canyon. Beth and I also went and road the Verdi Canyon Railroad. See if you can see the Bald Eagle in the rocks. Also included are some nice photos of Sedona. Enjoy!

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