Yup Still Alive (or muffins-in-Moosup part 2 and 3)

Well I know I have not been so good lately writing this blog. Terrible actually. I’ll try and get better over the coming weeks. Autumn is here in New England. Autumn Dream is resting in the boat yard with her winter frame set-up waiting for her winter over coat. She came with a canvas cover and frame to protect her over the long winter in Canada her previous home. I need to get a move on in getting her winterized. I’ve managed to drain the water tanks but still need to blow compressed air through the water lines so there is no water to freeze and break the lines. This said some people put an antifreeze in the water system that is safe for human consumption, others use vodka. Hmm Antifreeze vs. Vodka. About the same price for both and in the spring with the antifreeze you have water that taste like shit or you use vodka and you have a beverage. However being the cheep bastard that I am I just blow the system down, problem solved! Next I need to drain all the other water out of the boat, from the engine, from the exhaust system, and raw water pump. Make sure the bilges are free of water also. Once I have this done I can put the cover on and start on other boat projects. Some in and on the boat same at home. With this in mind we had to to go down to Defender Marine Supply in Waterford Ct. You may remember a post from our old blog called Muffins in Moosup, about last years trip to Defender See the bottom of this blog for the link to the old blog. . Well with boat projects in mind and winter coming on we went to Defender (a few weeks ago) and stopped in Moosup coffee shop for a Muffin (actually an apple fritter their specialty yum) and a coffee. Upon arriving at Defender Beth and I spreed out. She to the clearance section and me off to fill the basket with the things on the list. One of the items on the list is a hatch for the fore deck so we can get some more air into the stateroom. Beth found one on sale in Clearance and it looked like it would fit. So the price was right so we bought it. This was on a Saturday. The next day we went to Autumn Dream ad checked to see if the hatch was the right size. It was so right I needed a second one. So yesterday we did it again including the Muffin stop. They had another one! All is right in the world. As I install these hatches I’ll include some photos of the project and thing learned along the way. Well next week if the weather is good we’ll finish the winterizing and hopefully get the cover on! Stay tuned!!!

Muffin in Moosup


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