Shorter Days – Colder Nights

For my friends in UK they already know the days are getting shorter and winter is coming in. Here in the US this weekend is where we change the clocks back so now at 4:30 it’s dark. Depressing, not – now I get to move to some of my inside projects. More on that latter, but I’ll tell you this it not a house project. We’ve declared the house projects done (mostly 🙂 )
It has been getting cold quickly early this autumn and it has been a wet one. So I’m not heartbroken that we took Autumn Dream out of the water early. It has given us a chance to get her winterized. Yesterday we picked up the repaired boat cover, and we’ll put it on next week. This weekend we finished blowing down the fresh water tanks, lines and hot water heater. With that completed we flushed the engine with fresh water and removed the raw water pump and drained out the engine and transmission heat exchangers. Lastly drained the upper and lower half of the water lift muffler. So the engine and main systems are read for the big freeze. I also put some antifreeze in the head and head holding tank. Do want that to freeze and break open. For you non-boaters the head is the toilet and holding tank is were the stuff from the head goes. Next weekend we’ll put the cover on and do a final check for stuff that could freeze. Then the real fun begins. Once again we have several boat projects, that I’ll keep you up to date as they progress over the winter.
OK I’ve already started the first of the home boat projects the restoration of an old Dyer dinghy. The Dinghy is my boat’s SUV. She carries us to the boat, along with water, food, clothing and beer. Well not to much beer as I’m not really drinking much beer these days. Anyway you get the point the dinghy is the carry all back and forth to the big boat. So we got an inflatable rubber dink when we bought Autumn Dream, but I hate inflatables. I mean inflatables are good but I really like to row and they row like crap, and they also sometimes go pop if you are not careful against the docks. The ridged dink on the other had rows very well but lacks the stability of the inflatable. So there are trade offs, however the Dyer dinghy is one of the best. Reasonably stable, rows very well, and sought after. They are very expensive new and hold their value. So when I found this one for a reasonable price I grabbed it. She need a little cleaning up and I’m going to make a few modifications. So without further story here are some photos of the dink in the dissembling stages.

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