November End

Well the month of November is coming to an end in 1 day and we’ll then be barreling down to the end of the year. With this in mind a quick update as to where we’ve been. Well last week was Thanksgiving here in the USA. This means trips to visit family members. This year was no exception. It was time to go an visit Beth’s mom. But before we could do that we had to make sure Autumn Dream was all tucked in for winter. Beth will post some photos of Autumn Dream’s winter jacket soon. Back to the visit to Beth’s Mom’s.
In order to visit Beth’s mom we had to fly to Florida. Jacksonville FLA to be exact. We had some Delta frequent flyer miles to use and we were able to use them to take this trip. So that help reduce the trip’s cost.
Beth’s mom lives on a small island called Amelia Island. A rather quiet and cute island. So off we went to Logan Airport on Saturday at 6:00 AM. We were all set for the full body pat down, and I had my lines ready for TSA. ‘Don’t touch my junk”. Well security was very easy without a x-ray and no full body pat down. OK part 1 complete with no issues or flared tempers. The flight was from BOS to Atlanta then Atlanta to JAX. Well amazingly everything was on time with no problems of issues. The flights were full but uneventful. A pleasant surprise.
Upon arriving at JAX we collected our bag (yes only on bag for both of us) and got our rental car. The rental car was a nice rental, a Ford Fusion. This turned out to be a great rental. I actually liked this car much better than my Lexus HS250 Hybrid.
35 minuted after leaving JAX we are at the condo we had rented for the week. This rental was at a location called Turtle Dunes in the Amelia Island Plantation complex. We were renting an ocean view condo. Very nice view of both the ocean and of the inter coastal waterway. Rather than bore you with the rest of the weeks details, all I’ll say was that we had a good time in the FLA sunshine, and a great Thanksgiving dinner at Beth’s mom’s place.
On the boating front (after all this blog is supposed to be about boating) we met a couple who are living the dream. Bill and Linda of the 43 foot long Nordhaven called “Wayward Wind”. They have been cruising North America and Central America for the past few years. If you go the the Nordhaven website at you can sometime see their boat in the Header photo on the web page. If you look “Wayward Wind” is the one in front of the iceberg. This is a very cool boat and this couple is living the dream. Bill and Linda are from Southern California. In speaking with them they have cruised as far north as Tracy Arm in Alaska. A far south as the Panama Canal and made a canal transit then headed north again but this time on the US east coast. They managed to get up as far as Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island this summer and are now heading down into the Caribbean, following the summer. They plan to spend this winter in the warm Carib waters and slowly head back to California, over the next year. I wish them a safe and enjoyable journey!
Well thats all for tonight. Next Blog I’ll update some on Autumn Dream projects in the works.


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