Cold Cold Cold

Well in the immortal words of a Mr. John Heild, who is British and the Sr, Cruise Director at Carnival Cruise line “Global Warming my arss”!!!!   You can read his blog at this web address.  His blog is funny and vulgar in its own poo sort of way.  Also very informative about Carnival cruise line.   Mr. Heild when not cruising the tropics lives in the UK not far from London.  He is currently blogging from home and tell us all how much snow they have in England.  Our friends George and Fiona in Scotland are telling us about avalanche concerns in Scotland.  Well here in MA it is just cold.  10 Degrees F this morning.   We may get a dusting of snow this evening, but not  any more than that.  All this said we should be about 40 degrees F right now, and being able to work on the boat.   Well Tomorrow is Saturday and forecast is for a return to normal temps so we’ll see and decide if we are going to work on the boat.  If we do go to the boat I’ll post some photos of the progress of the radio and speaker installation.   It’s way too cold for us this time of year.  In January we expect this cold temperature but not now!

Last thing about John Heald’s blog.  John was the cruise director on board the Carnival ship that just had a recent fire.  He wrote several interesitng blog entries after the fire.  If your interested in reading something not emblished by the media his blog is a good read!




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