Boat Work, Part 1

On most weekends, at least one day has been spent by Kevin (and sometimes me)  working on Autumn Dream’s winter projects.  Kevin has a very reasonable list to accomplish before the 2011 boating season.   I have my own list of projects (mostly sewing/canvas work).  He spent some time in the workshop making very nice speaker boxes from Mahogany (salvaged from another boat) for some Cambridge Soundworks “in the wall” speakers we no longer were using in the house.   Last weekend he installed the speakers in the pilot house, part one of installing the stereo system.

The location of the speaker wires in the boat was a complete mystery.  There are speakers in the main salon, but we didn’t know where the wires were run.  Jim (the former owner) said the speaker wires were grey and ran thru the engine room.  In a fit of frustration, Kevin pulled the speaker covers off in the main saloon and we tried to trace the wires under the headliner.  They appeared to disappear without a trace.  We pulled off many pieces of moulding in the pilot house and found the wires (black and white) then spliced onto red and yellow wires.  These actually were traced to exactly where he wanted to install the stereo (over the helm) but they were attached to more wires that then went back the way they came…  After a while he gave up and I decided to trace them some more… and we discovered that they did go down into the engine room and ended up in the stateroom – hidden in the hanging locker (that’s a closet for you non-boaters) and the over in a wall somewhere.  This used to be a party boat and the stateroom was bar central.  Mystery solved, speakers now can all be hooked up to the stereo.  Photos show the new speakers and boxes, and the wiring mess that is actually much better than when Kevin first found it.  If you know Kevin, you know that he will leave it neat and tidy when all the wiring is completed.

While he was wiring, I spent several very exciting hours carefully pulling 1,999,997 staples plus about 30 carpet tacks out of the ceiling in the stateroom to remove most of the forward section of headliner.  We needed to remove the headliner so we can install the two new opening hatches purchased earlier.  The hatches will fit as hoped and there were no scary surprises when I pulled the headliner down (and no bugs!). 

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