December 27,2010

Well my friends in the UK you can now rest easy, here in New England we have just been clobbered by our first blizzard of 2010.  Yup it took almost a year but we finally got a 2010 blizzard.  Yesterday (Sunday) the weather service was warning us to be indoors and off the roads by 3:00 PM and the Governor of the Great State of MA declared a state of emergency.  So by 6 last evening we had about 3 inches of snow and the wind was picking up.  By 10:00 PM work was canceled and it was blowing and snowing to beat the band.  So we went to bed and waited to see the the outcome.  Well at 8:00 AM we had about 15 inches of what appears to be light and fluffy snow.  Still very windy and the snow is blowing and drifting everywhere.  In our backyard we have about 29 inch snow drifts.  The driveway still needs to be cleared.  I guess I’ll do that after lunch.  The Boston airport was open as of 6:00 AM this morning but all the rest of the airports up and down the east coast are still closed so unless you have a plane in Boston going to say England,  California or other points west  you have nowhere to go and no what to get there.  So since many flights originate somewhere else there are no planes to take you away.  If you noticed earlier in the blog I  mentioned that work was closed.  This is a first for me in my 25 years working for this business that we have been closed.  I know they have closed previously for hurricanes and major snow storms,  I have been on vacation for those closings.  So I get to enjoy a snow day.  What this means is that I get to do my work email this morning, and address several questions from Asia.   Beth also has to review her email and fix several open issues since she is on call this evening.  So yup the plant is closed and we did not need to drive to work today we are somewhat still working.  I love computers —- sort of.  Looking out my window here behind my desk we have a momentary lull in the wind and the snow has stopped blowing.   It is very pretty in the woods.  I think most of the snow on the hill behind us has blown into the backyard.  Looking at the wood pile in the woods it appears to only  have about 6 inches of snow out there.  However as mentioned earlier we have 24 or so inches in drifts in the back yard and I’ll have to dig a path to get to the wood pile.  I cannot wait to get going.  However I’ll procrastinate till after lunch before venturing out to plow.  I was hoping the wind would die down but the forecast is calling for very windy for the next 48 hours.  Ahh winter in New England.  I hear the Hawaiian melodies calling me.  Well Beth just made some coffee so I’m off for a cuppa.


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