Snow, and some Martha Stewart Moments

Happy Holidays everyone!  We’ve really enjoyed our 4 day weekend, plus our unexpected Snow Day!  I feel like a little kid, getting out of going to school, except I still did some work from home and I’m on call tonight until 11pm, so I’m not completely off the hook.

We spent 1.5 – 2 hours digging out from the storm.  Harsh wind gusts!  While we had a total of about 18 inches or so, the wind created some drifts in the driveway up to 4 feet deep.  There is no way we could have cleared the driveway without the snow blower.  I shoveled the steps while Kevin cleared the driveway.  What a mess.  And it is snowing again!

With all the time off I had some time to do projects and actually cook!  I made potato Latkes (pancakes) on Friday so we could have our traditional Christmas Eve Ham & Latkes.  I had extra help from my son, who peeled 5 pounds of potatos for me.  On Sunday I made a batch of Squash Scones (a La Starbucks).  Did you know there was STILL a canned pumpkin shortage?  I didn’t know we even had one in 2009 until I tried to pick up some more pumpkin.  No worries, squash is just as good!  Since we were going to get snowed in, I baked a challah too.

I have an ‘antique’ chair that my Mom & Stepdad bought for me around 1985 when I was on a refinishing furniture kick.  At the time, mini prints were in style and that was how the seat was upholstered.  Let’s just say, as time passed by, the fabric seemed more and more ugly to me, and the chair usually had a blanket covering the seat.  On Thursday I FINALLY got around to replacing the upholstery and the cushion.  Instead of a thin layer of padding it now has a nice thick 2″ dense foam cushion, and a leather seat.  Hurray!  Now we don’t have to hide it any more!  And it is actually comfortable to sit on!

Enjoy the photos!

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