Happy New Years 2011 !!!! and look back at 2005 ???

Well I never thought I’d see 2011 when I was just a kid.  It was so long in the future.  I’d be over 50 years old.  I was never going to be that old.  As a matter of fact the year 2001 was a major milestone made famous by the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey which I was enthralled with as a kid.  Now 2001 has come and gone and we’re no nearer to that kind of space travel than we were in the real 2001.   In January of 2011 my father will be turning 93 years old.  WOW.  Happy Birthday Dad!!!  However he will tell you it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

The snow from last weeks storm is now melting rapidly as it has warmed up quite a bit.  However we will get more I am sure of it!!  After all it is still January!  Winter is just beginning here!

Now we start to look at 2011.   Should be an interesting year.  Dow Chemical is fully in charge of the company we work for.  Any reminders of the old Rohm and Haas are gone.  Most of the R&H top management is gone.

Looking back at 2005!

Beth is cleaning up and destroying some paperwork from 2005.   Interesting walk through our history.  We bought our first I pods in 2005 and Beth got her DYSON vacuum cleaner.   I also spent some tine in Japan that year (two trips).  Beth and I also cruised to Hawaii that year and purchased a Wyland sculpture in Honolulu.  That sculpture is now in one of the nitches that I built last year.  2005 was also a good year for company bonus!!!  So We also took little Kevin to Disney and stayed at the Animal Kingdom Resort.    Overpriced and dirty!!!!  I also spent quite a bit of time in 2005 in Europe.  Cannot say I miss the work travel, but I do miss visiting my suppliers in Japan.  Beth also told me that 2005 was when we cruised to Bermuda with my mom and dad.   OK we also traveled to Las Vegas in 2005 to visit Beth’s Father.  OK we also played the slots and lost  LOL.

Looking Ahead!!

For 2011 we are planning to take a cruise to the Caribbean on the M/S Noordam with Holland American.  Beyond that   –  Autumn Dream –  – –   boat projects are moving forward.  No new photos as not much to see.  I did manage to get the radio mostly installed and wiring cleaned up.  I also removed all the drive belts from the engine so I can replace them, and now I will be able to also clean up and paint the front of the engine.  Lastly I removed a rusting bracket from the engine and have brought that piece here at home so I can wire brush and rustproof the piece.  This piece holds up one of the heat exchangers.  So its an important support bracket.  One thing about a boat.  Never a lack of maintenance.  I do enjoy it however.   Next on the list will be to complete the install of the radio and also install the new radar scanner.  Then I can close up all the overhead.  While this is going on I will continue to go over the engine looking for loose bolts, rust, oil leaks and the like.  Also plan to replace the fuel filter.  No lack of fun!  Once the weather warms up we’ll install the new hatches and paint the deck.   The list goes on and on!!!


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