Snow – Snow – Snow

Well it’s been a while since we’ve posted.  Good excuse  see the title.  Seems all we have done since the end of Dec and up till now is clean up snow.  We will post a few photo when we get a minute, but let me re-cap.

Starting December 29 we have had 4 major snow storms.    The Dec. 29 storm actually resulted in a declaired  “state of emergency”   We received 22″ of the white stuff over a 36 hour time period.   Next week on January 6 we received another 18 ” of the fluffy stuff.  Then another 12 or so inches on January 12.  Finally last Friday January 21 another 8 to 10 inches.  Then it got cold.  This morning it was -3 degrees F.  So we have about 30 or so inches of snow on the roof of the house.     With this in mind I had to clean some snow off of the roof to help prevent ice dams.  So far it been a miserable winter.  Now (today) Monday evening they are forecasting  another 12 to 18 inches for Wednesday and Thursday this week!  I need to move to FLA!  However that will be a few years yet.  With moving in mind Beth and I almost got a short term move to Choanan South Korea this week.  Customer issues almost had us on a flight this week with a 3 week project in sight.  However the travel god smiled on us and we did not have to go, but it was touch and go all last week.  Unfortunatally Beth’s boss did have to go and I’m not out of the woods quite yet but it’s looking more and more like I can stay here and work on the fun.   In some ways I would have enjoyed this trip but it would have been allot of work, pressure and I’m not disappointed at not going.  Long flight even if it is in Business class.  Our friends Fiona and George are in SE Asia as I write this on a great and hopefully dry cruise.  Enjoying the heat and humidity!

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