Snow at the Marina

On Saturday we drove down to Dighton to check on Autumn Dream, prepared with shovels and winter boots.  After the latest storm we didn’t know if we were going to have to knock snow off of her cover or dig her out.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that her cover is “self cleaning” with just a bit of snow on one area to be knocked off.  The shovel stayed in the trunk and I took photos at the marina while Kevin checked on Autumn Dream.  Inside the boat it was close to 50 degrees F (it was about 34F outside).  If we have similar weather next weekend, we might actually go down and do some work inside.

After the stop at the marina, we went over to the Cupper’s Cafe in Somerset for some GOOD coffee and a light lunch.  This is one of those little gems we recently discovered…  A coffee shop in a former gas station, it is bright and cheery inside – the old garage doors are now all glass.  The people that work there are friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming.  They have free wi-fi and everyone seems content to sit, drink, eat, read a newpaper or surf the web.  Relaxed.  Sofas and comfy chairs in addition to regular tables and chairs for seating.  They have all the fancy coffee drinks, but also very good brewed dark roast.  Sandwiches were reasonably priced and tasty, and they had some really good looking pastries and desserts, but we didn’t indulge.  The ‘usual’ special is a chourico and peppers sandwich.  Chourico (pronounced sher-eese) is a portuguese sausage.

We got our “coffee card” and you know we’ll be there often as boating season (and pre-boating work season) progresses.  The perfect place for a lunch break.

Today Kevin hung new lights in the kitchen (removing some track lighting).  Of course this means that I will have to do some ceiling painting once the holes have been patched and sanded.  It’s OK.  The new lights look good!  The one over the sink is a single that matches the Island light… no photo of that one…sorry.

Enjoy the photos!

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