Last Sunday in February About Time

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Well I never liked the month of February, and this year is no different.  Cold – Cold – Cold  – snow – snow – wing  – wind  – wind .  At least it was  not as bad a January was this year for snow.  The National Weather Service tells us that this year was in the top 10 for snow.  Out of the top 10 I’ve lived through at least 4 of them.  So either they have not been keeping records very long or global warming is a crock of shit!  By the way it snowing as I write this on a Sunday morning and we have added about 4 inches of new snow!

This said we have seen some warm days this month and some cold ones as well.  The cold one always come on the weekend.  Nice one have been on Monday through Fridays.  Go figure.   To work on Autumn Dream we at least need a 35 degree F day with sun.  Then the sun warms the air under her cover and it can be pleasant working on her.  We have had one such day this February.  It was a good day also.  We made good progress on some of the winter projects.  In the slide show you can see we finished the work in the pilothouse mostly….   The wires are cleaned up.  The new stereo is installed and working and I’ve managed to run the  new lead in cable for the new radar.  Beth did more scraping of loose paint on the solar panels and cleaned all the uncured silicon sealant off  the windscreen.  We also manages to refit all the overhead panels in the pilothouse.  After that was done I went into the engine room and removed the old fuel filter and measured for the replacement filter.  I also took several photos of the engine room which you can see in the slide show.  Whats next?  Well I’m building a wooden box to hold the new electronic compass.  We are also installing some hatches in the master stateroom for better airflow.  That work however will need to wait till we have some warmer weather.  We have a winter escape coming up and I’m sure that will coincide with warmer boat working weather 🙂   So enjoy the slide show.


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