what has been going on?? You may ask! Allot!

Good question.  I’ve been meaning to update the blog for a while but things have been a little crazy in our lives.   Where to start.  I’ll talk about Autumn Dream a bit latter and I’ll ask Beth to post some photos of the ongoing projects.     So what have we been up to.  Since the last blog entry we’ve been to Amelia Island FLA to visit Beth’s mom and to also look at real estate.  Thinking that we may want to cash in on the real estate crash and buy an property now for retirement.  Well in a nut shell we went and looked a several properties but really did not see anything at the right price that we would consider purchasing.  This whole adventure  however has sent us in another direction that we have taken action on.  Beth and I talked quite a bit about the future and what we want to be able to do.  So we developed a new strategy.  We have decide to purchase a condo here in the area.  This condo needed to be one level living as much as possible.   So we went looking.  We complied a list of must haves.  The list was reasonably simple.  First floor master bed room with bath, first floor laundry, two car garage and basement space for my workshop.  In our search we found one place that fit the bill but it was a bit too expensive.  Both from a purchase price (new construction) and taxes and HOA fees.  However this is a potential fall back position if our current plan fails.  What is the current plan you ask?   Well we found a condo that fit the bill to a tea, however it is a short sale.  So this present some difficulties are know to create some stress.  However we decided to move ahead and make an offer.   The offer was accepted and it is now in the banks hands.  As far as the condo goes it is a two bedroom end unit with a large two car garage.  Being a short sale the price is good but the place does need work to make it ours.  This is a two level town house with a walk out basement.  It has a galley kitchen that needs to be re-done.  A first floor master with on-suite bathroom and the first floor laundry.  The second floor has a balcony office area and the true master bedroom with stunning master bath.   This second floor master has a nice deep soaking tub and separate glass shower and two sinks.   All the carpets need to be replaced and we want to make some additional changes.  if this goes through we’ll post the project on line.  Also has a great basement with loads of potential.   Taxes and HOA fees are good.  So we’ll see how this goes.  Of course with all this in mind now we have to sell our house.  So our house is on the market if you know anyone who want to live in Ashland, MA let me know………

Now as you all know it is spring in New England, and what a crappy spring it is.   Cold and rainy with the occasional spectacular day.   This makes it difficult to get the boat ready.   We finished the installation of the new ports in the master stateroom and tested them for leaks  – so far so good…..    We installed the new radar and electronic set-up.  However I have not had time to test them yet.  Last week Beth and young Kevin scraped the bottom – so it is ready for bottom paint.  Thank you Beth and young Kevin!!!   Pain in the ass job but now done.  However we need a few days of dry to paint the bottom.  Also we are planning to paint the decks with a special non skid deck paint.  Once again rain is my enemy on this project.   So we may not get in the water for a few weeks more.   If we’re lucky we’ll get the bottom painted next Saturday.  Next Sunday we have other thing we have to do….  so painting is out.

In our professional life both Beth and I have applied for new jobs at our company.  I’ve completed the interview process and in theory they will make the decision tomorrow.  So time will tell.  This could be an interesting job.  I’ve applied for a job that in DOW Chemical speak is called  the Business Analytical Lead.  This is a global position and I would be responsible for analytical chemical support in North America, England, China, Japan and South Korea.  This would be a very interesting job for me.  As of today there were  seven initial applicant and now there are four remaining candidates and I’ve made the final four.  So wish me luck.   Beth has applied for a new Quality Position in support of quality data systems.  Also a global position.  She should start interviewing in a the next week or so.    So as you can see we have been busy.  Next posting will include some photos.  Thanks for reading.


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