Wash the decks Wench! And paint them too!

It seems like time just flies by and we haven’t been able to keep up with the blog.

We had a really lousy spring (cold and extremely windy, plus lots of rain).  This made it difficult to get the boat ready for the season – of course the weather has been lousy so there isn’t much of a season yet.  In the last 4 weeks we spent all our time on the weekends trying to get the all the work done.  Once we finally had warm enough weather, we took off the cover and the frame.  YES – I scrubbed the decks (in preparation for painting).  Kevin did a lot of epoxy work on various areas that needed some repairs.  Loose paint was scraped off the bottom by all 3 of us, and then Kevin and I painted the bottom.  We needed really good weather to paint the decks with a special polyurethane non-skid paint, and spent Memorial day Weekend on the boat to get two coats of paint on the roofs and the deck.  This paint is like a rubber coating – sealing and protecting.  So far, we are really happy with it.

No, the painting was not done yet… I touched up the grey paint and then also put a coat of white on other areas that Kevin repaired.  Can you say, we did a lot of painting?!?!

FINALLY, last Wednesday, Autumn Dream was launched and now she is happily sitting at her mooring in the Taunton river.  We were going to spend the weekend, but guess what – the weather turned lousy again  -cold and rainy, so we spent Friday night and 1/2 of Saturday on the boat, and then came home.

Here’s hoping for better weather this weekend… Photos will be posted once we have some sunshine to take pictures.


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