We’re buying a condo and moving? Nope, Never Mind

In a previous post Kevin explained about our condo hunting in Amelia Island, and how we decided instead to purchase a condo in Sutton and put our house on the market.
Long story short… After almost 2 months of waiting for the bank to do something productive with our offer (short sale) and very few people interested in even looking at our house (and no offers, even ridiculous ones) we thought long and hard about whether this was a good decision, based on work, commutes, distance to airports, etc….
So, we retracted our offer on the Condo and got our deposit back. We took our house off the market and we are here to stay unless the right opportunity falls on our doorstep – whether it is an opportunity to work in another part of the world, the ‘perfect’ little property on the south coast (of MA), or a decision to retire, chuck it all, and move to a shack in Hawaii. Buying and selling property just wasn’t the right thing to do at this time. We’ll know when the time is right.
Meantime, we have time to enjoy Autumn dream (another post with photos, I promise!!!).


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