Crappy Weekend

Actually this weekend was not crappy and it was.  We took Friday off as a vacation day to spend an extended weekend on the boat.  The forecast was calling for clear dry weather.  So Friday morning we slept in till about 7:30 and then went out for breakfast at our local breakfast place.  Yum.  We left for the boat at about 11:oo AM.  Once on the boat we listened to the NOAA marine forecast.  Slight change from what we saw earlier but not too bad.  So off we started on our way to Fogland for a quiet Friday night at anchor.  That was not going to be the case.  About 1 and a half hour out I had to use the head (toilet).  So I went and took a leak.  After I used the head Beth decided she needed to use the head also.  So when she went into the head area she asked me if I had spilled water all around the toilet.   Hmm  I know I’m a guy and we can be sloppy, but not that sloppy.  So we investigated and discovered much to out shock the discharge pipe coming off the toilet was cracked and leaking yuck.  Well on a boat there are two very important emergency situations  – sinking and a leaking head.  On a boat you are required to have a holding tank for the stuff that goes into  the head and it does not smell great.  The toilet system usually contain the smell but with a cracked line all bets were off.  Also its tough to do your toilet thing with a broken head.  So we turned the boat 180 Degrees and headed back to our marina in Dighton.  Still we had a nice ride up and down the river.  The day was beautiful.  Back at the marina I had to further investigate the failure.  Upon taking apart the unit it was discovered that it was crap.  OK that was a bad pun but I did get splashed with liquid and other unmentionable yuck.  So since I was well into and up to my elbows in this yuck we decided to remove the head.  So now Autumn Dream is headless.  Anyway no head no voyage.  So I took my shower and we went out to dinner and visited my folks.  Also with a headless boat our weekend plans had to change.  So we slept on the boat Friday night and on Saturday morning it was off to our favorite chandlery to buy a new head.  Since the boat stuff store is 150 miles away we decided to return home after picking up a new improved head and a few other boat odds and ends.  Also the weekend forecast had changed from a pleasant clear cool forecast to a warm humid with torrential downpours forecast for Saturday night and Sunday.   On the way to Defender our favorate boat supply store we stopped in Exeter RI at a dinner called the Middle of Nowhere for a good – no make that a great -mid-day breakfast!  Beth and I had their Sweet Breed French Toast.    Since I am writing this on Sunday afternoon I can tell you that the changed forecast was correct.  We received up to two inches of rain since midnight last night.  Also humidity levels are very high, so here we are at home on Sunday with a new boat head in a box, and some addition time to do some more chimney destruction.  Take a look at the additional progress on the chimney.   Next weekend I’ll be installing a head on Autumn Dream!  

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