Anybody Still Reading This Blog.

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I don’t blame you if  you’re not reading this blog any more as I have been very remiss in writing this past summer.  We’ve been very busy this summer working (Yea work gets in the way but it is necessary to pay for boat fuel etc), doing house projects (I’ll update the Chimney removal project here today) and actually using Autumn Dream.  Let s start a little with an Autumn Dream updates. 

Summer was OK not great but not bad.  Quite hot and humid but also some very nice weekends for boating.  We tried to boat as much as we could and actually manged to get a few miles under our keel.  Did not go very far but had fun anyway.  Every weekend away it seemed that we went to the Kickemute River, which is a nice place to spend a quiet and restful overnight.  Fogland is also a nice anchorage but the prevailing wind was not conducive this year.  A wind from the North / Northeast places you on a lee shore.  Not a nice place to be when your trying to sleep.   Additionally they are building a new bridge over the Sakonet river and as a result they have a restricted channel and you can only pass at +/- one hour of high tide.  So we did not get there this year.  Tried to go to Potters Cove but when we got there the anchorage is so full of mooring it was not comfortable for anchoring so back to the Kicki!.  Autumn Dream ran great all summer, not a hiccup except for a broken bolt on the alternator  – this was a very quick fix!  If you have been reading this blog you know I replaced the diesel fuel filter.   I’ll get a photo the new filter next week.  It worked great all summer.  This boating season we had a direct hit by hurricane Irene.  fortunately by the time it got here it had moderated to a category 1 storm.  Still damaging but less so.  A few day before the storm Beth and I went down and prepared her for the storm.  We doubled up the lines and added much chafing gear.  All went well she came through the storm like a champ.  So it is now October 2 and this weekend was a boating bust.  Wet, rain, high humidity, hot and cold and damp.  So we checked Autumn Dream out and did something else than boating.  Next weekend if the weather cooperates we’ll run her for a while and then we need to do her seasonal oil change.  Now an oil change on a 160 hp diesel engine is not like a car 4 quarts and a filter.  No we’re talking 4 gallons of oil!!   I’ll let you know how it goes.

Around the house.   Well the fireplace removal is complete  –  Take a look at a few of the final inside photos below.  Also I included a shot the chimney that was attached to the fireplace.  This has also been removed.   I’ll get some addition progress photos on the chimney removal as soon as it stop raining!   Finally we are replacing the window in our bedroom behind our bed.  Stay tuned for those photos.  So I’ll try to get back into posting more frequently.


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