Questions about M/V Autumn Dream

Well this blog covers many things but it was initially created to talk about our trawler MV Autumn Dream – Today I received the following comment and questions from  fellow Lang owner’s Brad and Holly.  So I thought I would use this entry to answer some of their questions.  Actually they are the only other Lang owners in the world  –  no just kidding – From what I know Lang mostly built sport fishing boat’s not pilothouse trawlers like Autumn Dream.  I may have the only Land 32 Pilothouse trawler in the world.    So to start answering their questions here goes. 

Q:I’m intrigued by your boat… had no idea Lang had made a trawler.   A: Prior to finding Autumn Dream for sale on the yacht world website we did not even know there was a boat manufacturer named Lang.  Our Lang 32 came out of their factory in Canada and may have been a one-off.  I have not seen anything else like her in this size range.

Q:  I’m curious if you could share how yours is powered and what sort of performance you’ve seen. We’ve got a two-stroke Detroit Diesel Series 71.  A:Autumn Dream has a single engine Bedford Diesel that was maranized by Palmer Company of Cobb Cos CT.  She is 165 BHP engine, normally aspirated.  We have about 3500 hours on the engine.  She was maintained in excellent condition.  I only hope to continue to be as good a steward of her engine as the previous owner was!  With this engine we typically run at about 6 knots (1800 rpm) and if we push her to say 2200 rpm we can get 8 knots out of her on a good day.  Not very fast, but we’re along for the ride.  At her comfortable cruising speed of 6 to 7 knots we burn an estimated 2 gallon/hr, but I have not actually measured her fuel consumption, but it is reasonable. 

Q:Also, do you have more photos? I’m curious how the interior has been handled around the (rather pinched) bow section.  A: Check out my old blog there are some more photos here.  The interior has the master stateroom forward and 4 steps down forward of the pilothouse.  The master stateroom has an almost queen sized bed on the port side at the bottom of the ladder  as you enter the forward space.  Also on the starboard side  opposite the bed is a “sofa” and a hanging locker.  Forward of the master is the head.  We have a door between the head and master.  The head is in the forepeak of the boat but contains a vacuflush toilet (now see the blog about a crappy weekend) sink and a separate shower stall.  Forward of the shower stall where the hull  is very pinched in there is a locker and forward of that the anchor locker.  The layout made very good use of the space.  I’ll pace a few more photos of her in this blog and this weekend I’ll take some of the forward space and the main saloon.   Autumn Dream also is equipped wiht two solar panels to let us run a fridge and not worry about killing our batteries.  Hope this gives you a better insight to our Autumn Dream.

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3 responses to “Questions about M/V Autumn Dream

  1. Brad & Holly Geres

    From what I’ve heard, designed by Phil Bolger, Ted Lang built about 80 yachts in the 1970’s in Rockland, Maine. Ted Lang lived in Freeport, Long Island and some of the interiors were said to have been done by Fred Scopinich in East Quogue.

    In the mid-seventies, the Rockland operation closed down and the molds went to Harkers Island, NC. A lot of builders had troubles around this time and Lang was no exception. They started a few boats in NC but many ended up being owner finished when the doors finally closed for good. Its my understanding theres still some unfinished hulls on the Harkers Island site. This is the first I’ve heard about a Lang being finished in Canada.

    We saw ours advertised on the net by a boat-yard in Massachusetts that was basically using it as a floating work-shop. We got it so cheap we did the transaction sight-unseen and had it shipped to a yard near our home in New Bern, NC. We put a basic interior in it over one winter, going for a work-boat level of finish.

    This coming winter we’d planned to refine the interior a bit and slap some paint on the hull but got a lot of damage to the house from Irene (boats were fine) so will probably not get to do much. We can still camp over night on her as-is though so looking forward to a few escapes before the year is out. We named ours “OX” by the way – inspired by the old girl’s stout build.

    Thanks again for your blog and for sharing your photos with me. They gave us some ideas.

  2. I have a 28′ Lang 1971 model flybridge .. this is my 3rd one I’ve owned … it’s been under total rebuild for 2 years now … should be done this year I hope .. I live in New Jersey and there is only one other Lang in the area … any other langs around let me no .. joe

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