Yup Another Post

It’s all or nothing, or as they say when it rains it pours.  Two post in two days.  Warning this will be a pissy post.  Here one reason why!!  We woke to 2 inches of snow and ice this morning……..  Snow  – Thats correct snow on October 28, 2011  Check out the photos!!!! –  Global Warming my ass.  To top this off we are going to get another 6 to 8 inches overnight tomorrow!  I have not even finished winterizing Autumn Dream.  I actually like the process of winterizing the boat.  However now we need to get up at the crack of dawn Saturday and rush down so that we can blow out the water lines, flush the engine, drain all the water out of the raw water side of the engine and the wet exhaust.  Finally winterize the head!  This should be fun not a mad dash to the finish line in 30 degree weather!  I’m cranky about this!   Take a look at the following slide show and you can see that two weeks ago we were on the boat enjoying 85 degree weather now it gone all pear-shaped!   I’ll let you know how much snow we received after the storm!    argh!!!


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