Autumn Day

Well last weekend we had about 3 inches of very wet heavy snow between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. This resulted in about a 12 hour power outage for us here. 15 miles North West of here they received up to 30 inches of snow. There were extensive power outages and as of today some are still without power. We were lucky. However as a result of last weekend’s forecast we got up very early last Saturday and rushed down to Autumn Dream and winterized her. This involves blowing out all her water lines and tanks. Adding antifreeze to the head and holding tank. It also involved running her engine and using fresh water to purge out the salt water from the raw water side of the cooling system. Upon completing the engine run I then had to drain the raw water strainer, disassemble the raw water pump and remove the pump’s impeller. Once that was completed time to drain the heat exchangers (Autumn Dream has one for the engine and one for the reduction gear. Finally it was time to drain the wet exhaust system, upper and lower chambers and that was that. Winterization done. So if you remember the earlier comment about power outages lasting for a long time (we go lucky) we ended up having Monday off because the plant has no power. So we took advantage of the situation and went to the boat and put up the winter frame. It was a cool but sunny day and nice to be by the water. I forgot to take some photos but I will. Today Beth, Kevin and I got Autumn Dream’s winter blankee on her so now she is ready for winter. Next up we can start our list of winter boat projects and start lining them out. So stay tune!!!!


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