Gone Cruising

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Well winter is starting to show its ugly face so as you can see in the slide show Autumn Dream is now warm and snuggly under her winter cover. So it is now time to develop the winter project list and a project plan to make it happen. One thing on the list is an oil change in the spring. With this in mind I had to purchase some 30 weight oil. So I was at Worst Marine and happened to look at some Shell Rotella and the price per gallon was $25.00. A bit expensive I thought. So being the cheep bastard that I am I did not buy any at Worst Marine. A week or two later I was at El Warlmarto and decided to have a look there. I hate El Warlmarto but sometimes they do have good deals on real honest to good stuff you need. I found the same 30 weight Shell Rotella oil at $12.00 per gallon so I purchased 9 gallons of the black gold. Now I have enough to change the oil on Autumn Dream in the spring. Keep in mind it will take about 8 and a half gallons of oil to change the engine oil on this boat. Not like the 4 or 5 quarts in you local auto!
Anyway since boating season is over here in the Northeast part of the USA we decided to use a different boat and cruise some new waters for us. The photos say it all. Enjoy!


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