Happy Holidays/Happy New Year

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We had all good intentions of keeping this blog up to date, but with work, house projects, and the holidays we have failed miserably.
Happy holidays to all- we hope the New Year will be good to everyone.
The weather here has been interesting, mostly warmer than typical with a few very frigid days scattered here and there.
Christmas day we went down to visit Autumn Dream and check her cover before getting together with the family. It was a beautiful calm sunny day and I took a few photos. The two dingys in the photo have been abandoned by their owners all season. Someone at the boatyard pulled them up out of the water when the docks were pulled out and tied them up, but they still are getting full of water. It’s a shame how some people don’t take care of their boats…

The other picture is of the Mayan temple we visited when we cruised on Regent Seven Seas Navigator over the Thanksgiving holiday. If you are looking for a small luxury cruise line, this is a great option. Kevin says he never had such good food any where, before (including Sea Dream Yacht Club). The consistency of the exceptional food is one of the things that made this trip memorable, in addition to friendly, efficient staff and the all-inclusive aspect of the trip. Not being charged extra for a coffee, a glass of wine or a beer, tips, or even shore excursions makes it even better (of course you are still paying, just up front…).

We have a reasonable list of projects for Autumn Dream that need to be completed before she launches in the spring.
On my list is a new mosquito screen for the port-side pilot house door, window shades for the four opening ports in the stateroom, neck and lumbar pillows for the pilot house seats (we found some really nice ultrasuede…) and some type of sun screens for the pilot house windows. I was originally going to look a the sunbrella screen fabrics, but I think I might just use mosquito netting – it should block out the glare and we should still be able to look out and enjoy the view…
Kevin has a list too, including installation of some black-out shades for the lower ports in the stateroom. He can detail his projects when he writes the next blog entry.

Kevin has been working on our basement project and the end is near… soon it will be my turn (painting!).


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