Well it Been Awhile

OK first an Autumn Dream Update. It’s of course winter so not to much happening. We have been buying some toys and supplier for Autumn Dream. For example new faucet for the galley, some new LED lighting (got a great tip on inexpensive LED lighting from another website). Also working a on a project list for Autumn Dream, on that project listing is a new mooring. More on that latter in this blog. This side comment on the new mooring is a big hint! Anyway the rest of the Autumn Project list includes possibly installing a deck wash down pump for the forward deck, anchor. If nothing else I need to run the hose from the old head intake seacock up to the anchor locker and seal it for now, for a future deck wash. I also need to spend some quality time in the engine room bilge. Need to create a small dam to act as an oil barrier between the engine area and the forward bilge pump. I started this last year but need to make it a better. Then paint the bilge. The bilge right now is cleaner than a lot of restaurant kitchens that I’ve seen but I like a bilge I can eat out of. Not quite there yet. I also need to build a new table for the main salon/dining area. I want to install additional LED lighting in the pilothouse helm area. Also we purchases some shades for the ports in the master stateroom, so I need to install them also. Beth also has several boat projects, such as making lower back pillows for the helm seats and neck cushions. Now this does not sound like to big a deal and good thing. Every project on a boat extends much beyond your estimated time. So it will take at least twice as long as you expect it to take. Also we have had a change in priorities. I think most of you know Beth has a new job and I recently moved into a new job also. If not here’s the scoop. Beth is now the Quality System Architect Specialist (QSAS) for the company we have worked for, for many years. I recently have taken a position with the parent company as the Division Lead QSAS. My new job is very similar to Beth’s job, but in a different division. As a result of these changes, I now work from home and so can Beth. If new job’s we not enough stress in our lives we decided to buy a new house. What you say! What’s wrong with your current house? Nothing is the short answer but it is not near the water. Hint Hint new mooring??? OK we purchased a house on the water. Yup you read it correctly we bought a house on the water. It is a small old Cape Cod style house on a one acre lot in a little town 5 miles down river from we currently keep the boat. It is waterfront with a mooring for Autumn Dream. This house is smaller than our current house by about 500 square feet. We wanted to downsize so this is our chance to do that and it is on the water and we could afford the house. This is a direct outcome of the economy. So we now have the excitement of a boat, new house, trying to sell our current house and new jobs. Oh and did forget to say we go on vacation for two weeks right after we close on the new house!! Love it! OK tell me about the new house you say. Well Beth will post some photos later, but it is a 1947-48 Cape Cod style house with 1 full bath on the second floor and a half bath on the main floor. It has a one car garage and 3 bedrooms. It has a large deck overlooking the river and eventually Autumn Dream will be moored right off the property. This house is set back on the lot and elevated from the water so it is considered at minimal flood risk. Also the house need to be modernized a bit but it has a new heating system, new AC, new siding, new TREX deck and is in good condition. Beth and I had some strong ideas what we wanted in a new water side house if we could ever afford one. It had to be in good shape, but not renovated, since we did not want to pay for someone else’s renovations and have to do it again. It had to have natural gas, city sewer and city water and had to be priced right. This house met all the criteria and more. It also has some land! Not much privacy as houses on the water are usually built right on top of one another and this house is no exception. We have a long narrow lot. So we’re waiting the bank and lawyers to do their things and hope to close later on this month! So as you can imagine Beth and I have been a bit busy to write the blog, so I ask your indulgence and we’ll try and get back into blog writing mode. The house photos are on Beth’s computer so she will post them later today so stay tune! Cheers.


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