Some house photos and boat project updates

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I’m really glad that Kevin sat down and wrote that blog entry because it seems like we never have time to get to it.  As promised, here are some photos of the new house (it’s not our’s just yet, but soon).  We didn’t take pictures of the front or back because we had them in the listing from the realtor, but that is gone now…  As Kevin said, the house has not been updated, but it is clean and neat and we can put our own stamp on it.

I completed one boat project – the new lumbar pillows for the pilot house.  We found some really nice ultrasuede that feels like chamois, and the pillows are done.  One comment here – if you have a sewing machine and do not have a walking foot – you MUST buy one.  I read about the walking foot on another boat blog about sewing projects, and it makes all the difference in the world.  I LOVE this thing – it was worth every penny!  It makes the stitch lines neater and straighter, eliminates puckering and uneven fabric movement.

Kevin is usually the one singing the praises of his various toys in the workshop – today it is my turn.

Work has been a challenge.  It’s not bad, just like trying to walk against the wind in a hurricane.  Hard to move forward.  I’m trying to keep it in perspective.

We have started packing to de-clutter the house before it goes on the market.  Our Realtor provides a free consultation with a “Stager”.  Seems like everyone wants the HGTV experience now.  Let’s just say that we do not agree with all the recommendations, but we did remove some artwork, rearrange a few pieces of furniture, and are packing up a few more items.  There is only so many places that you can ‘remove things’ to before that area looks like a storage unit (and we are NOT renting a storage unit!).  We’ll move a few of the boat things down onto the boat this weekend – not ideal but since it is too cold to work on Autumn Dream right now, she can become her own storage unit.  Once we need to move things back off, it will be very close!



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