Closing Day

Well we did it, we completed the purchase of our new waterfront house, soon to be a home.  In speaking to the sellers I was able to find out that the mooring for Autumn Dream has a minimum of 8 feet of water at mean low tide.  So no problems there.  So now we are on our way to having a new home and a new home for Autumn Dream.  However that path will take a bit of time.  The sellers will be living there till mid-March, and then we will start moving in.  We want to paint a bit and make some other changes. To move Autumn Dream we will need to re-permit the mooring and probably need to increase the size of the mooring to accommodate her larger size.  Of course a larger mooring means more $$$$.

We’ll keep you along for the ride.  Beth will post some front and side views of the house when she get a chance!

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Beth here….Here are the pictures as promised!  Somehow it still doesn’t seem real, that we get to live here.  Reality will begin to sink in once I pick up that paintbrush!


2 responses to “Closing Day

  1. Merabeth Dyer

    Love the look of the house and the view and location are wonderful!!

  2. Sylvie in Montreal

    Cool, love it !

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