Finally – remodel photos, part one

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TO recap for you … When we bought this house we knew from the start that we were going to remodel the kitchen and put on an addition on the back of the house so we would have a room with a wall of windows to take advantage of the water view. What’s the point of having a house on the water if you can’t sit in a comfy chair and enjoy the view!
It took much longer to start the remodel than we wanted – we had to wait until the contractor could get us on his schedule, so destruction and construction started in October – just as Kevin was leaving on a business trip of course!The remodel project consisted of the following:
-replace first floor radiators with in-floor radiant heating
-gut and remodel the kitchen
-gut and remodel the 1/2 bath
-Build an addition over the garage (existing Deck) and also leave partially covered deck outside dining room.
-Add additional deck off existing deck and relocate stairs down from deck.
As part of this of course it meant replacing some of the plumbing, removing the old iron radiators on the first floor, repairing the walls, upgrading the electrical from 100amp to 200amp service, and replacing/rewiring where necessary.

Originally we were going to start with the addition, and then ‘move into it’ as the kitchen was worked on. This was not to be. The kitchen/bath was started first, and the outside work started a week later.

The bathroom job was kind of an ‘add-on’ to the kitchen & addition jobs. We were already pulling out the radiators and the flooring, and the window had to go – or people in the new room could look in at you when you were on the toilet…

This bathroom is TINY – only 4’x5’…  So here’s what we (and our contractors) did in the bath:
Removed the window/reframe and replace with a small, frosted window to let in light. Added an exhaust fan/light (panasonic- super quiet!) Removed the radiator and repaired the wall. Removed that ugly wall hung sink and medicine cabinet. Replaced the flooring with the tile continued from the kitchen. Painted – of course! Added lights on either side of a new medicine cabinet (and an outlet- there was none!). Designed & built the new counter with a georgeous copper vessel sink that we bought from mexican home art ( – this is the same company we bought our copper dining room table from.  The sink/counter had to be very narrow to allow you to be able to get to the toilet.


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