Vultures in the Tennis Court

It's April- I thought it would be warmer! (Bunny)

It’s April- I thought it would be warmer! (Bunny)

Canada Geese, Jan 6 2013

Canada Geese, Jan 6 2013

Tomorrow will be the 1 year anniversary for our actually living here in the house in Somerset. We closed in February but didn’t move in until April 17. we LOVE it here.

Spring is finally here! I can honestly say that I feel much more in touch with the seasons, and the outside world, living in this house. We can see when the tide changes, the wind mill (Lightolier) across the river tells us which direction the wind is blowing.
Signs of spring here on the Taunton river: NOT the Robins – they were here for the blizzard on February 8th! The Cormorants have returned- we see them flying upriver in the morning, and back down river towards Mount Hope Bay in the evening.
The starlings are back (and tried to make a nest in our attic, but that is a story for another day). The canada geese never left – I’ll add a picture of them from January when I get a chance. The Pogy boats (Fishing boats) are back, going up and down the river with their nets. It is really nice to see boats on the river again.

And, of course, the Turkey Vultures have returned. A flock of 10-20 of them like to warm up in the morning sun at our neighbor’s tennis court. It can be quite disconcerting when their shadows blot out the sun as they fly overhead…

We really DO love living here!


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