Picking up the trash

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When we first looked at this property, I was appalled by the amount of trash- plastic bags, paper cups, etc. – that was scattered along and in our little piece of the riverfront. It looked like the previous owners (and the neighbors) just didn’t care that there was so much litter scattered among the beach, the marsh, and the plants growing along the shore line. We had so much work to do when we first bought the house and moved in that we just didn’t have time to start cleaning it up. We want to be good stewards for our waterfront – so we are not using fertizer, herbicides, etc. on the back yard – so it won’t wash into the river.

If you remember, the water was EXTREMELY high during Hurricane Sandy, and that just brought even more junk of all kinds. Last fall after the hurricane we started to clean up the mess, and what we found really saddened us. This spring, we have been working to continue to clean up all the garbage.

I wonder- do people really think about where all those dunkin donuts Iced Coffee plastic cups, covers, and straws go when they toss them out the window of their car- or off their boat?

Some things we know get washed up naturally – for example across the river from our house is a beach where people like to have bonfires. Well, most of the wood that had been on that beach made its way across the river during the hurricane, and ended up at the upper edge of our marsh – closest to the house. The logs and smaller pieces of wood- all charred – are the clue.

We stopped counting how many of these types of things we found- it was too depressing. Tlere’s still plenty more to clean up.
Cigarette lighters, cigarette packs, plastic cigar tips, plastic toys (a few hands and heads!),
Mylar chip/snack bags, drink bags, crystal light wrappers, mcdonalds ketchup packs
Plastic tampon applicators (didn’t know they came in so many colors!)
dunkin donuts iced coffe cups/covers/straws
Plastic Bags (usually wrapped around branches, also buried under the grass), Plastic drink cups, water bottles, re-usable water containers, soda cans & bottles, empty rum & vodka bottles, nip bottles, milk jugs, caps from plastic bottles, jugs, juice boxes, dipping sauce containers (mcdonalds/kentucky fried chicken), planters
tires, sneakers, broken up plastic drums, fishing line, floats, styrofoam cups & coolers, perfectly good bilge pump, plastic pails, etc.


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