Meet Albert

Work has kept us very busy. All my good intentions to blog regularly have failed.
We actually have been doing projects on Autumn dream – on the hard- as sadly we did not launch this year. She is getting much needed love and attention- and I will post a blog about some of the projects we have completed- and not yet started, soon. I promise!

Weather has not been overly cooperative with some landscaping chores- brutal heat, endless rain, and on the few good days we chose to get out our bicycles and enjoy our location instead of doing any more than basic house maintenance.
THe front of our house has a hedge – and we have a love-hate relationship with it. It grows quickly and requires work, but it gives the front yard definition, privacy, and keeps the trash from the street from blowing into the yard.
I pruned (sheared) it this spring, but of course it grew back with a vengeance. I kept saying – I need to trim that hedge… but I never got around to it.
One day we were driving home and I said – that hedge is so out of control it looks like Einstein – and so the hedge was named, and shall ever now be known as ALBERT. Kevin and I decided that we like this natural look much better than the uptight, closely cropped hedge, so we are going to let Albert keep growing, and just trim him at the front walkway leading to the door.
caption id=”attachment_741″ align=”alignnone” width=”300″]Albert the Hedge Albert the Hedge[/caption]

Here are some of the flowers in the garden – fortunately they are all perrenials so require minimal care!

Rose bush out of control...

Rose bush out of control…

Rose Mallow

Rose Mallow

Rose Mallow

Rose Mallow


False sunflower?

False sunflower?

I think this is chamomile... a volunteer, but a good one.

I think this is chamomile… a volunteer, but a good one.


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