Our Favorite Chandlery

Hall Light

Hall Light

Outside Light

Outside Light

People who own a boat know that the word BOAT is an acronym for “Break Out Another Thousand”. Everything and anything related to a boat just costs 3x as much (or more) than normal stuff. Sometimes it is ridiculous things like plates or a coffee press.

Walk into any West Marine retail store and you just have total sticker shock.

We like to be smart with purchases for Autumn Dream, just like we like to be smart with purchases for our home.

Some of the best places to shop are marine consignment stores. They resell other people’s used boat stuff, plus new items, for a fraction of buying new.

We used to have to drive down to Rhode Island to go to the Marine Consignment of Wickford. These guys are great and have a huge store in a former post office. They also have a store in Mystic (more antiques and touristy stuff), but recently they opened a new store in Fall River MA (just across the river from Somerset) in some buildings owned by Borden Light Marina and as a bonus there is also a restaurant there- but we haven’t eaten there yet.

These guys are GREAT (Bill is in Fall River), they will order items for you if needed, and we have purchased AND SOLD all kinds of things with them. They are also fantastic if you are shopping for some nautical art or home decor.


My favorite purchases for our HOUSE are these two REAL explosion proof bronze ship lights – one is in the downstairs hallway and replaced a really ugly victorian fake brass lamp. The other is outside our back door on the porch. We are hoping they can find another one for the front door.

I won’t tell you what we paid, but it was significantly less than the $350-$500 that you find reproduction lights that are not real bronze at places like Barn Light Electric.

If you need any marine supplies you will be very pleased with Marine Consignment – and you can tell them that Kevin and Beth sent you…


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