Boat Maintenance

Well, if you consider Maintenance on KEVIN boat maintenance.
He made me do it, he told me to title this post that…
For the last 10 or so years, our eye doctor has been telling Kevin that his upper eyelids were drooping too much and affecting his vision- and that the insurance would pay for the surgery. Nobody wants voluntary surgery LESS than Kevin, and he is not vain about his appearance.
But he finally got a visual field test- and the test doesn’t lie – he had lost quite a bit of his ‘upper’ peripheral vision.
So…the week before Thanksgiving Kevin got a lid lift. If you click on the link you will see the pictures showing the before and after. I tried to save it as a slide show, but that didn’t work so just click on slide show option after you open the file.
Right now, 4 weeks later, he doesn’t look much different from the before, but the doctor said that it could take MONTHS before the swelling goes down… It was pretty weird the way the blood from the bruises kind of ‘slid down’ his face on the sides of his eyes. Gravity will do that, I guess.

Kevin’s Surgery1

We have done boat maintenance too, lots of it, but that post is for another day.


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