Wacky Weather and Milestones

after the snow

The weather is truly Classic New England Wacky. We went from brutal cold and snow to Mid 40’s to almost 60 on January 11 – with plenty of rain to wash away all the snow.
Then it got cold again, and we had about 8 inches of fluffy snow and lots of wind (the picture above is the calm after the storm). We saw huge flocks of Geese and ducks (including buffle heads) all crowding together in the water- we assumed they were going for the combined body heat to stay warm. Literally hundreds of birds in some small sheltered areas against the shore.
It warmed up a bit, and much of the snow is gone again, but it is going to get REALLY cold again (in the single digits). Just a normal winter.
There is an old Russian proverb- I don’t know the author – but it says something like “there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing”. We are all turning into a bunch of wimps. Put on a hat, gloves, and some layers and all is good. And please stop naming these winter storms!

Some big milestones this month:
Mom turned 80 – Happy Birthday Sara!
My son finally had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor- Congratulations Kevin on acheiving EAGLE!
It is one year since my father passed away this month. Walter- I hope you are in a better place now… your grandson has many of your characteristics – size of hands and feet, still growing taller, and the incredible ability to create CRUMBS out of nothing, to name of few!


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