Making Autumn Dream Better, part 1

While we haven’t posted about the work we did on Autum Dream this summer, there was plenty going on since she spent the whole boating season on land.  We didn’t get to finish all the projects – we will do so in the spring.

First, we removed our “old town” of Ashland as the hailing port- it will be changed to Somerset.  We have the graphics, just haven’t put them on yet.


The floor in the main salon got a MUCH needed coat of paint.
salon floor
There were 3 openings in the transom in the cockpit that were used to store miscellaneous items- but they were just holes and therefore water, bugs, dirt, leaves, and curious hands could get inside and wreak havoc. Kevin got fed up and decided to put some hatch covers on them to make them proper dry storage.
Before- they were oval openings. After the installation you can see the new covers in place. NICE!
Cockpit openings1Cockpit openings2Rough openings cutRough openings cut2New hatches2New hatches1


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