The sound of Chain Saws and Leaf Blowers

Today we confirmed that spring has finally arrived – we sighted the first Red Wing blackbirds.

Prior to today, there were other signs that maybe, just maybe, we would finally get spring.

Last week, the sounds of chain saws and leaf blowers filled the air.  The turkey vultures returned a few weeks earlier.  The cormorants have returned.  All this with snow on Monday.  Daffodils are almost ready to bloom, crocuses and windflowers are open everywhere (as long as the sun is shining).  The lilacs have buds.

But today we saw the red wing blackbirds, so now it is official.  Spring has arrived.  FINALLY.

Now that it is warming up, we can start seriously working on Autumn dream again.  You just can’t epoxy or paint when it stays below 40F.  The boat is in a really crappy location this year, so there is no solar gain and the interior doesn’t warm up under the cover enough to do any work.  The solar panel doesn’t get enough light to keep the batteries fully charged.  We will make sure to tell Tommy to put us in a better spot next year.

We are replacing most of the old incandescent light fixtures with LEDs on Autumn Dream.  That is significantly reducing the load on the batteries.  Looks like we also need to replace the house battery.  Not cheap, and Kevin is trying to figure out how to lift the ??170 pound?? battery out from under the floor in the main salon.  He’ll figure it out.  Once the battery is out he’ll take it over to Marine Consingment of Fall river, and they will order a new one for us.  We said it before- our favorite store for any marine supplies.  If they don’t have it (used) they will order it for you at a fair price.  Much better than West Marine.  If you are in the area, check them out.


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