Really West Marine?

No discount for members!

No discount for members!

We don’t really love West Marine stores- they are very expensive and don’t carry many of the basic items we need.

We are boat US members, and therefore also West Marine members.  Imagine our surprise when we saw this very strange assortment of different discounts being offered by mail!

We received the flyer with NO COUPON at our home.  It was addressed to us as Boat US/West Marine members.

Two days later we received the flyer with the $15.00 off coupon at our home, addressed to someone who last lived there approximately 12 years ago, and two owners ago.

My Mother In Law, who has never shopped at west marine in her life, received the flyer with the $10.00 off coupon.

Therefore, it seems that if you are a Boat US/West Marine “Member” they Do NOT want to give you any coupons or discounts?  Really?  We will continue to shop any where else whenever possible – primarily at Marine Consignment & Supply on Ferry St. in Fall River, instead of taking our money to West Marine.


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