Stupid Neighbor Tricks

Arrow Hole in Car

Arrow Hole in Car

We have been very busy getting Autumn Dream ready for launch (this week!!!!).  I will post lots of details about all the wonderful things we have done for her.

Today is about home…  The house next door to us (north side) is a 2 family.  We have had a previous unpleasant experience with the caretakers of the house (the owner is an older gentleman in a nursing home – his daughter and husband are managing the property).  I won’t go into details here, but they are not good neighbors.

The residents of one of the apartments has been doing archery with a compound bow, down by the water.  This is no problem – we were thinking of setting up a target and doing something similar ourselves.

HOWEVER… on Saturday afternoon, Kevin heard a disconcerting noise (a thwok or thwap).  At the same time I looked out the window to the back yard and saw a rabbit running hell bent for cover, with his white tail flipped up and over his back.  You can imagine what the two guys with the bow and arrow were doing…

THEY SHOT MY CAR with an arrow.  Yes.  My 2005 volvo wagon now has an arrow hole in the plastic moulding in the front passenger door.

The car was parked on the far side of our deck – away from the neighbor’s property, just behind the house.

We are investigating the cost for repairs, and they are going to have to pay.  The only question we ponder- should we have called the police to report it?


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