Stunning Weekend

Last weekend was a stunner. Over 80 during the day and cool and dry in the evening. Winds 5 knots or less, seas 1 foot or less.
A perfect way to end the boating season- or just enjoy a weekend on the boat and pretend that summer wasn’t already over.
We spent the night at our favorite anchorage on the Kickemuit River. It is a short cruise of less than 2 1/2 hours from the mooring in Dighton.
We relaxed – as relaxed as is possible when several teenagers are playing with the inflateables, cruising around in circles and making a general racket….
Saw a lovely Great Harbour GH37 Pilot House trawler (a model Kevin would love to move aboard…)
Pecan pancakes for breakfast, followed by a decent cup of coffee, eventually meandered our way back to Dighton and picked up our mooring around 3:30pm.
Here’s a photo of Borden Light, with the USS Massachusetts in the background (at Battle Ship Cove) under the Braga Bridge, and also another of the Light. Nice restoration by the new owners.

Borden Light

Borden Light

Borden Light, Braga Bridge, USS Massachusetts

Borden Light, Braga Bridge, USS Massachusetts

Unfortunately, this week has been cold, damp, and dreary. Looks like time to haul is quickly approaching.


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