I really like a good cup of coffee. Dark Roast, properly brewed.
Kevin says I am a coffee snob, and that I have turned him into one too…

My college boyfriend is the one to blame. When he graduated and started working, he had lots of disposable income and was working in the first computer boom in the early 80’s, so coffee was another way to, well, in all honesty, be a poser.
This was before the days of Starbucks. They probably existed in Seattle, but they hadn’t swallowed up every independent roaster or cafe. They weren’t known on the east coast.
We bought Fresh roasted beans from the Coffee Connection in Newton, ground just before brewing, and used either a french press or a Chemex or Melitta cone filter coffee maker.
Life changed, times changed, income changed, coffee making and drinking became less important, more of a “Mr. Coffee” approach.
Later, I started enjoying good coffee from Starbucks as a treat, but didn’t get so involved in coffee at home.
Then Kevin and I went on a SeaDream Yacht Club cruise and had great coffee from a super-automatic machine they had, and met some people who also had a super-automatic at their furniture show room, and love of coffee was reborn.
We are on our second Super Automatic coffee maker, and most brewed coffee just isn’t good enough. When on Autumn Dream we have a Thermal Insulated French Press.
We were buying dark roast beans from Starbucks, but really not thrilled about supporting the business that ate all the independent cafes. And we knew their coffee wasn’t really fresh.
I found a company on line – Fresh Roasted Coffee ( that had reasonable prices, sells fair trade coffee, and appears to roast “fresher” than anything you could buy at the supermarket or Starbucks store… and jumped right in and ordered 5 pounds of “The Black Knight”. YUM. what a good cup of coffee!
We are working through our second 5 pound bag now….


2 responses to “Coffee…..

  1. I love good, fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee. We use a Cuisinart that we bought about five years ago, and Columbian or French Roast beans. Mmmmmmm.

    • Hi Dave! Where you like to drink your victory Beer, we mostly go for the Victory Coffee… However Kevin sometimes has a Victory Beer and I have a Victory glass of wine. Keep Warm up on the Bleeker Mountain!

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